We want you to have fun, be safe, spread the word about the Countess of Brecknock Hospice and raise money for our vital work. You can contact our Charity Office on 01264 359789 for further advice and to share your success.

So whether you’re an individual or a family, a group of friends or community group, sports or social club, school, college, business, or church – you can support us our work to.

When deciding what to do for your fundraising, think about your skills and interests. Doing something you enjoy or have an interest in will help you to be a success.

Here are some suggestions to help you get your fundraising started.

Decide what you will do to raise money

Think about …. What can I do? Do I want to organize an event or do something on my own? Is it realistic? Do I need some help?

Get organized

When will you do your fundraising? Where is the best place to do it? Who will I ask to help or support my fundraising or sponsor me? Remember to give yourself plenty of time to get organized. Think about the weather, school holidays and whether your fundraising clashes with anything else.

Tell us what you are doing

We would love to know how you are raising money for us. We can add your activity or event to our website, newsletter and social media. We can support you and provide you with advice and promotional materials if needed.

Publicise your activity or event

The more people who know – the more people who will support you. People will give more generously if they understand the importance of our work. Make sure you tell people what you are doing, when you are doing it, where you are doing it, who is involved and why. Don’t forget to give your name and contact details. We also have a poster template that you can download.

Be Safe and legal

We want you to be safe and those involved with your fundraising to be safe. There’s more information here.

Gift Aid

If people are making donations or you’re doing a sponsored challenge, ask people to gift aid and we will get an extra 25% if they are a UK tax payer. Make sure people fill in their details and tick the gift aid box on the sponsor form. We can provide you with gift aid envelopes if you’re doing any sort of collection or asking for donations.

Match Funding

Many companies run a scheme where they will match fund any fundraising carried out by their staff. Find out if your employer offers match funding and you could double your money.


We have a number of resources which we can provide for your activity or event. Sponsorship Forms, Poster Template, Press Releases, Collection Buckets and Tin (to be returned), Banners (to be returned) Certificates of Achievement and Leaflets. We can provide branded T Shirts at £7 each. We can also help you with publicising your event.

We Love to Talk!

We love to tell people about our work. To arrange a talk to let people know about the work of Countess of Brecknock Hospice, contact us on (01264) 359789.


Contact our Charity Office on (01264) 359789 or email



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Countess of Brecknock Hospice Trust -Covid-19 Update

Updated as of 23 July 2021:

Although restrictions have been lifted, the hospice is still maintaining guidelines to protect our patients and staff.

 You will be required to wear a clinical grade mask, socially distance where possible and regularly wash or sanitise hands.

Our Inpatient Unit is operating as normal.  However Visitor Restrictions remain in force.

Restrictions are lifting but we still need to restrict visitors to protect patients and staff. Please speak to senior staff or call 01264 835288 to find out how this affects your family. 

Thank you for your continued support and patience, and for helping to protect our patients and staff.

Michele Gard

Director of the Hospice Charitable Trust