In a good place – Let’s talk about it

Dying Matters Awareness Week, 2-6 May, is our chance to get our community talking about dying and grief.

We want everyone to be #InAGoodPlace when they die – physically, emotionally, financially, spiritually, and crucially, with the right care and support.

Right now, we know that people are dying without the support they need. Since the start of the pandemic, it is estimated that almost 70,000 people have died at home without access to specialist care. The past two years have accelerated this issue like never before.

We know that it’s by talking, and by sharing stories, that we can change the conversation about death. When we talk about dying and grief, we remove the taboo and stigma that have for too long surrounded these topics. And we can also better understand what’s happening in our communities so that political and healthcare leaders know what is needed to make end of life care accessible to everyone in the UK.

Dying Matters Awareness Week is your chance to join the Dying Matters movement – to get talking about death and dying, and to call for end of life care for all.

Let’s talk about dying and grief, and our plans for the end of life, so that everyone can die #InAGoodPlace, no matter who they are.

We have 5 downloadable leaflets including:

Things to do before you die:  How to get started with thinking about what you want at the end of life, and starting to plan.

Supporting bereavement: It can be hard to know what to say or do when supporting someone who is bereaved.  This leaflet is full of useful tips on how to help yourself and others in this difficult situation.

Let’s talk about dying: Talking about dying doesn’t make it happen, but it still feels taboo. This leaflet will help break those barriers and get you talking about the inevitable.

Talking about dying with people affected by dementia: Talking about dying isn’t always easy, but it can be more difficult if you are supporting someone with dementia.  This leaflet is designed to support you through those conversations and get you talking and planning
earlier with the ones you love.

Talking about dying with children:  We can’t protect children from death. This leaflet will help you talk to children to alleviate any fears or
misunderstandings they may have about death and dying.

What to expect when someone important to you is dying:  If you are caring for someone who is in the last stages of life, or who may be soon, this information is for you. It is designed to help prepare you for what to expect in the very last days and hours of a person’s life



About Dying Matters

Dying Matters believes in an open culture that talks about death, and where people feel able to listen and support those who are planning for end of life, who are dying and who have been bereaved.

The lack of openness in society has affected the quality and range of support and care services available to patients and families. It has also affected our ability to die where or how we would wish.
We want to break the stigma, challenge preconceptions and normalise public openness around death, dying and bereavement.

In a good place – Let’s talk about it
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